We are your local Gun Store east of the Dallas Metroplex.

We are open and would like you to stop by.

Our Hours of Operation:
  • Monday       - Closed
  • Tuesday       - Appointment Only - We are loading ammunition
  • Wednesday - 12:00 - 6:00
  • Thursday     - 12:00 - 6:00
  • Friday         - 12:00 - 6:00
  • Saturday     - 10:00 - 4:00
  • Sunday       - Closed

We have an inventory of guns, gun accessories and supplies including reloading supplies.  We will order any firearm that you desire, provided our suppliers can get it, keeps our inventory low and you get what you want. This also allows you to look at and test various models  With a low gun inventory we can stock more of the reloading and other supplies you need. We have been praised but the wide variety of powders on-hand.

We also have a full machine shop and do gunsmithing and gun repairs. 

We have new factory ammunition, we are licensed to load ammunition with new and used good brass.

We got started in the firearm business by instructing Texas Concealed Handgun License (CHL) class and we still do that along with the new Texas open carry law.  That includes all of the necessary paperwork, class and range time you need to complete your license.  You have to pay the State of Texas for the license package.

We do other firearm and reloading classes as well.

Thank you for stopping by and come visit us.
We can be reached at 972-563-2228.

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